The Team

As our work expands, so will the team. Interested in working for us? Get in contact via Discord for the time being. We will be opening job offers sometime in the near future.

IVenomX CEO & Java, Web, App Developer Better known as: Luca Country: United Kingdom 🇬🇧

"Hey, my name is Luca and I have been a Java developer for 5+ years & a front and backend web developer for little over 2 years. I have also expanded my knowledge onto native mobile app development to go alongside web applications. I love to travel to the US, as well as investing in stocks and shares."

Splodgebox CEO & Java, Web, App Developer Better known as: Splodge Country: United Kingdom 🇬🇧

"Hello, My name is Splodgebox. You have probably seen my work around as some of my Minecraft Plugins have over 1.5K premium downloads and over 15k free downloads. I have been a Java Developer for 2 1/2 Years and a Python Developer for much longer. I enjoy working on projects that exceed normality and creating abstract ideas. I never settle and only work to expand"