About Us

Bluebrry is a development team that handles all aspects of your Minecraft, Website, or Application project. Everything from working alongside you on design, all the way to the actual development of your project, we have your back!

Currently, the team consists of two experienced developers that have been working a collective 10+ years on Minecraft servers & web application development. Recently, we have taken it upon ourselves to offer native mobile application development - written mainly in React Native.

We pride ourselves with our professionalism, efficiency and providing the best work using industry standards. We make sure your server, website, API or mobile application is running on the 'green zone' with great performance. There's no point having a working product, but causes issues with your backend/users.

Our team was founded in 2020, just after we have been working on other projects - we decided it was right to create a team. As we move forward, we will be able to expand our team to hold an array of developers & system admins. Our team grows, as our workflow grows.